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StatsBomb are football analytics experts. We devised and built a brand new, proprietary dataset because we knew we could do better than what was out there! Granular data with powerful analytics gives your organisation a winning edge.

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Join experts from StatsBomb to see how we’re raising the bar for football data in 2021.

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StatsBomb work with clubs, the media, broadcasters and gambling organisations providing football data, analytics and customised insight into Set Pieces, Opposition Analysis, Coach/Manager searches and more.

StatsBomb are for us the most exciting and innovative statistical company covering Europe’s top leagues and competitions. They want to find ways to make analytics more accessible while simultaneously adding to people’s enjoyment of the game in all its facets.
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StatsBomb Data Case Studies: Pass Height And Pass Footedness

Having as much information as possible about how a pass is made has obvious utilities. Going beyond the start and end location, knowing which foot and what height the pass is played at adds important context and creates a clearer picture of the game being played, useful for both opposition and recru ...

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Ted Knutson and James Yorke dig into the latest stories around football with a statistical lilt:

StatsBomb Labs

StatsBomb believe in sharing our expertise and knowledge to improve our collective understanding of football. StatsBomb Labs is where all the data science and model innovation happens...

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July 31, 2020
StatsBomb Release Expected Goals with Shot Impact Height

Since StatsBomb Data debuted in 2018, StatsBomb expected goals (or xG) has always been a little bit different. The vision with SB Data was to transition football data from the world of proxies into a more accurate reflection of what is actually happening on the pitch. Right out of the gate, we added the location of goalkeeper and defenders around a shot, on ...

By Ted Knutson

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StatsBomb acquires ArqamFC