Our products

Every StatsBomb product exists to solve the real problems our clients face. Built by analysts, for analysts, we are rigorous and exacting to our users’ needs

Who we help What we do

More data, better data. It’s our promise. We built our data spec from the ground up to help analysts get actionable insight that translates directly to better performance

Our IQ platform enables analysts to get intuitive, immediate visualisations of our world-class data, making critical decisions easier

When you’re faced with a uniquely complex or highly strategic issue, you may request activation of our dedicated consulting team. Our specialists understand data inside out, and are on hand to help you solve any problem

StatsBomb IQ Live has been created with in-game analysis and content creation in mind. Flexible, powerful and customisable, StatsBomb IQ Live shows the data you want to see, and alerts you to newsworthy data stories that are happening across a range of live matches

Who we work with

Over 330+ professional teams and sports organisations around the world trust StatsBomb to fulfil their data and analytics requirements. With our detailed performance data, tools, and world class customer success team, we help our customers on every step of the journey to becoming Data Champions.

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