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  • August 2, 2013

    Costa Average Positions

    By Colin Trainor
  • As people are still insisting that Costa played as a winger last season (in reply to my article of this morning – I took 5 minutes and copied a few screen shots of his average position in 4 games that I quickly selected.

    Now, I’m not claiming that he played as central as shown in all of his games, but it’s wrong of people to claim that he played as a winger.

    Costa is number 19 in these images.

    Apart from being central he is also the most forward Atletico player in each of these 4 matches.  If a player that far forward is not there to shoot at goal, he’s probably taking the position of someone who would.



    I have also gone and hunted out what I believe to be the widest position Costa played last season.  It was the home match against Sevilla.  The average positions are reproduced below:


    Even in that match I feel it would be wrong to classify him as a winger.  He is still fairly central and once again, look at how far forward he is.

    Article by Colin Trainor