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StatsBomb's innovative Football Data and advanced analytics platform Football IQ are here to change how the game is analyzed and give coaches, analysts and scouts a competitive edge

Built by analysts, for analysts

StatsBomb Football Data is a hybrid, tracking and event-based data product that provides game-changing levels of detail and information about what players are doing on the field

High quality data

Our Football Data is collected using a blended approach of computer vision and thoroughly trained, highly motivated data collectors to ensure maximum accuracy

Aligned College & NFL data

Our data is consistent across the NCAA, CFB and NFL, removing any frustrating data gaps for analysts and scouts

Time-saving tools

Data-led insights that fit seamlessly into your workflows are a superpower. Our Football IQ platform helps coaching teams reduce the game-to-game grind and elevate performance

Football Data

Our brand new data spec captures events, player tracking and play-by-play in an unmatched level of detail to give you 10x the data of other providers

Tracking & Event Data for NCAA, CFB & NFL teams

Using our proprietary low-latency broadcast tracking technology we capture the location of every player on the field 2.5 times a second. This is enriched with contextual event data to create the most granular dataset available.

Pre-snap alignment & motion

At snap

Mesh point

At throw or handoff

At catch or interception

Or when RB reaches line of scrimmage

Our Football Data includes

Line battles

Objective information on who blocks who and when for every play to help understand where penetration, pressure, holes and movement are made on passing and running plays

Route patterns

Isolate the moment the ball was thrown and look at who was open. Is a QB conservative, rarely trying to fit passes into tight coverage, or is he prone to taking risks, trusting his arm and his target to keep the ball away from defenders and the chains moving forward?

Snap alignment

Captured both at the initial set and at the snap to account for motion, shifts & other pre-snap movements. Includes the full formation width with positional splits and the distances of corners, safety and linebackers from the line of scrimmage

QB throw accuracy

Our Football Data moves beyond buckets. We accurately record where on the receiver’s body the throw arrived. When combined with route pattern vectors, it provides unprecedented detail on QB accuracy.

Analysis - offence

Identify formation IDs, conduct play and drive analysis and unearth down and distance tendency profiles

Analysis - defence

Defensive back depth from the line of scrimmage, and ball relative width of safeties, linebackers

IQ Football

Powered by our industry-leading data, IQ Football has an intuitive interface that'll help you dig deeper, save time and give you an edge

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Player comparison & recruitment

Player Stats tables make it easier to compare player performance across their league. Simply filter by phase, and position, alongside any down, distance and other tendencies that you’re looking for, or filter down to players in the NCAA Transfer Portal.

Player radars

Quickly reveal player effectiveness and usage tendencies for their position. Pre-defined templates featuring role-related metrics & definitions make evaluation easier. Filters make it simple to compare player performance vs. the league averages.

Passing charts

Our passing charts allow you to see the positions of all a QB's targets with pass paths or as a heat map from the actual or a centrally aggregated field position

Line pressures

Reveals which offensive linemen are providing the best protection. Drop-down menus make it easy to compare two players and their impact on the pressures allowed.


Context filters

Quickly filter to the insights you want to see including down and distance, time, field position, play type and personnel

Pass placement

By recording exactly where on the receiver’s body each throw arrives we can evaluate the accuracy of every pass. In IQ filters make it easy to visualize overall catch success, completions by pass distance an catch radius

Receiver alignments and routes

Shows the alignment at snap of a single receiver for every play he was on the field. This can be filtered by: down and distance run or pass, explosive gains and field position. By selecting an alignment zone you can see a breakdown of the routes run by the receiver

Tables and box scores

Our easy-to-read tables make it simple to filter to the information you want to see and export data to be used elsewhere

Play-by-play feed

A powerful visualisation of every play and drive in a single view. Use filters to select the down and distance you want to review and use our export options to quickly add visualisations to your reports

Play animation

The dots and lines of the NFL are now available for college football. Re-watch plays unfold and pause whenever you need to break down plays efficiently

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