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Outsmart the competition.

StatsBomb elevates your football strategy and player recruitment with class-leading data and tools designed to save time and give you a competitive edge

The industry’s best football data

Collected from video using a mix of AI, computer vision and expert collectors, we deliver 10X the data of legacy providers to NFL, College and High School teams in just 18 hours

Verified physical metrics

Validated for accuracy against the NFL's Next-Gen Stats, our physical metrics are aligned to event data to provide real football context

Advanced analysis platform

Get instant value from our data without the need to code using tools that are designed to make interpreting data easy and speed up analysis

Revolutionary recruitment tools

Move faster in Transfer Portal than your competition or build your Draft boards with more certainty

Save hours every week

Our AI models automatically identify formations, routes, coverages & blitzes with consistency, avoiding the human error of hand charting plays

Transparent collection methods

StatsBomb will happily answer any questions you may have about how we generate our data or design our models

Football Data

StatsBomb represents the new standard of football data for NFL, College and high school teams. We provide event and tracking data with next-gen levels of detail and unified timestamps to generate detailed insights.

Next-gen event data

Our data spec captures 2,500+ data points per play including events, player locations, play-by-play and exclusive features like line battles and pass placement that you won’t find anywhere else.

Tracking data you can trust

Generated from footage provided by our partners, we capture the locations of all players at 30 frames per second using our market-leading technology

Accurate physical metrics

Verified to within half a yard and 0.35 MPH of the NFL’s Next Gen Stats data, our Physical Metrics are not only accurate but are also integrated with our event data to give coaches the answers they need

Automated play classification

Our AI models automatically identify and tag every formation, route, coverage and blitz to ensure consistency and remove hours of subjective play charting every season

Our Data includes

Line battles

Rich data on blocking engagements for every play provide deep insights into every facet of offensive and defensive line play, to create exclusive metrics like ‘OL Block Duration’ and ‘OL Run-Behind Rate’

Pass placement

StatsBomb is the only data provider that accurately records where on the receiver’s body a pass arrives. This detailed tracking enables a nuanced analysis of QB accuracy and receiver catch radius, while also enhancing the precision of our completion and catch probability models

Snap alignments

Collected at the initial set and at the snap to account for motion, shifts & other pre-snap movements. Includes the full formation width, with positional splits and the distances of corners, safety and linebackers from the line of scrimmage

Team and player modeling

Powered by the unique features of our data, our Completion Rate Over Expected, Catch Rate Over Expected and EPA models enable a deeper understanding of player performance and where teams generate points

Special teams

Our data encompasses detailed event and locational information, including operation and snap times, hang times, distances for punts, kickoffs, and field goals/PATs, along with catch locations, return yards, tackler details, and punter movement

Fast & flexible delivery

Delivered via API or via our analysis platform, our customers can access a full data set in 18 hours

Code library

Written by our experts, StatsBomb Assist is our self-service support platform that includes detailed explainers of how to connect to our API, a data dictionary and a code library

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Advanced Football Analysis Platform

Save thousands of hours every season with our easy-to-use analysis platform, IQ Football. It allows teams to instantly harness the power of our data to give them an edge in recruitment and on game day

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Visualizations redefined

Our dynamic tools provide intuitive insights for stakeholders at every level

Recruitment optimized

Master the Transfer Portal and the NFL Draft with IQ Football’s Player Comparison and Player Scout tools to discover your next impact player

Time-saving tools

Our team & player overview pages pull together all of the essential information and tools you need in a single place and help put the power of our automated classification models in your hands

Utilize data science's power.

Can’t code? No problem. The power of StatsBomb’s data science models is seamlessly integrated into IQ’s tools to deliver deeper insights with crystal clarity


Faster player evaluations

IQ Football is the quickest way to gauge the impact of any player. Our iconic radars use position-specific stats and metrics to provide a comprehensive overview of player traits and performance, while position-specific tools make detailed analysis easy

Opposition & self-scouting

Breaking down your next opponent or your own performances has never been this easy. Tools like our team radars, formation summary and depth charts provide you with instant overview saving you time as you analyse every aspect of offensive and defensive performance

Deep Quarterback insights

Analyze every pass by outcome, location, or situation, using color-coded paths or heat maps. See precise pass placement, completion probability and coverage type for every throw. Review alongside video cut-ups for the most complete analysis possible

Unrivalled wide receiver analysis

Powered by our automated route classification model, see the routes a receiver runs in any situation or alignment using our route tree tool. Delve deeper into every route and pass to reveal the true catch radius of any receiver

Measure O-Line performance

Compare how well your linemen protect the quarterback as individuals and a group against team and league averages. Measure with pinpoint accuracy which combinations of lineman and running backs have the most impact on your running game

Unique defensive insights

Reveal where and how individual defenders are generating havoc, sacks, pressures and tackles, and compare how well your defensive as a unit is performing versus teams in your competition

Designed for the Transfer Portal

Our player comparison and scouting tools feature a built-in filter to display only players currently in the Transfer Portal, ensuring your searches are streamlined and relevant. The status of each player is automatically updated every hour, keeping the information accurate and timely

Detailed game & play analysis

A new industry standard of data at your fingertips. Our easy-to-read league and player tables make it simple to filter the information you want to see and export for use elsewhere. Re-watch plays unfold, pause and export stills, snap formations and distance whenever you need to break down plays efficiently

Seamless support

Integrated directly into IQ Football, StatsBomb Assist is our self-service support platform filled with video-based tutorials, answers to the most commonly asked questions and the latest product release notes

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What our customers say

No one offers NFL & College teams, media and gambling organisations more granular data and insight than StatsBomb

College Scout

NFC West Team

Damn, this is going to change the game.


NFC East Team

We can't get tracking data of this quality for college players from anyone else, you guys are the only place to get it.


Big Ten Team

Holy Sh*t! I have never seen someone encapsulate a way to actually review Offensive Line play better than this.

Director of Football Operations

ACC Team

I love the visualizations and how sleek it looks. I don’t have to spend time to make things look cleaner. Huge positive. Makes it easy for coaches to trust it.

Director of Research & Analytics

ACC Team

I love that the tools are made with coaches in mind. We can actually use them in-game planning.

Director of Player Personnel

Pac-12 Team

The comparison tools are great. The radars play a huge part in the debates about which players we should target.

Defensive Coordinator

Big 12 Team

The tools help me get information much earlier in the week and lead me to a deeper study of my opponent.

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