A fairly hefty set of topics for our first podcast in 2014. They include:

A full preview of Atletico Madrid v. Barcelona this weekend and discussion of why Atletico are actually one of the best teams in Europe.

Three things we have each learned so far this Premier League season.

Fans and manager expectations are insane!

and quick previews of Newcastle v. Manchester City and Aston Villa v. Arsenal.

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  • Seb

    Great podcast and website. Really helps put the season into a realistic perspective!

  • los

    All very well to tell fans to have realistic expectation re progress if league position at the end of the season is your be all and all. But what about Villa fans who have to fork out money to see their team score barely any goals at home due to their counter attacking nature or West Ham fans paying to see the tripe Allardyce serves up. Football is more than points on a graph.

    • los

      Actually a bit churlish to make my first comment a negative one. I have loved discovering the site this season and have enjoyed some great articles and fun podcasts from yourself and Ben.

  • hugooool

    You mentioned Atletico’s insanely low SoT conceded. I know goalkeepers are terribly difficult to disentangle from team effects but do you think that this is why Thibaut Courtois seems so good?

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