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Gifolution: Chilean Dynamo, Arturo Vidal

By Ted Knutson | June 28, 2014 | Boxes

Vidal is one of the most important players for both Chile and three-times Serie A champions Juventus. He’s a force of nature on the pitch, posting one of the highest tackle rates per game of any player in the world, ┬ábut has he always been this good?

As you can see from the gif below, not quite. 2010-11 is when we first see that he’s both a scorer and a strong ball winner in midfield, while 2012-13 was what really got him recognition as one of the most complete midfielders in the world. This past season, you can see a small drop in most of his stats. Whether that’s a result of the knee injury he picked up that needed surgery before the World Cup, or simply a difference in tactics is unknown.

Whatever the case, Chile need him to be his usual dynamic self to stand a chance of getting past Brazil today.


Article by Ted Knutson