Just a really quick post as I wanted to try something different.

Just a really quick post as I wanted to try something different.

There was some discussion on my Twitter timeline yesterday around exactly what sort of a player is Southampton’s Jay Rodriguez.  Is he a centre forward, a winger or a wide forward?

Using Opta data, I created a heatmap for all the attacking touches that Rodriguez took in the Premier League last season.  The attacking touches are passes, shots and takeons.


Attacking Touches

Heatmap Attacking


Defensive Touches

I also created a similar one for his defensive touches, ie fouls, clearance, tackles, interceptions and blocked passes:

Heatmap Defending (1)

I would say that Wide Forward is probably the best description for Rodriguez.  He certainly isn’t a winger as he comes into the centre a lot, and is not especially creative, with just 0.6 Key passes per90 last season.

He shot at a rate of 3.3 per90, and his 15 league goals scored was well in excess of the 11.5 ExpG that our model had him in for.

Anyway, that’s all on Jay-Rod for now

  • Veejaish

    Was wondering why no one comes up with season heat maps. This combined with radar should give the complete picture of a playet :D. Fantastic!

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