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Player Positional Tracker: Bayern Munich vs Wolfsburg

By Colin Trainor | August 22, 2014 | Boxes

Bayern Munich 2 vs 1 Wolfsburg (22nd August 2014)

Just a reminder that these visualizations are based on just "On the ball" events; ie shots, passes and defensive actions.

These are in testing stage at the moment, as we can tweak the smoothing variable and display things slightly differently.  A greater smoothing value reduces the volatile movements of players, but also loses some of the finer movements over time.

For this viz I have "turned down" the smoothing factor a little, and also increased the time it takes for the gif to play through - this should allow for easier following of players.

Let me know your thoughts, and hopefully it'll allow people to analyse games slightly differently.


Takeaways from this PPT, provided by Nikos Overheul:

1) Bayern starting with a back three and Lahm then gradually turning into a RB as the first half progressed.

2) Clear overload on the right with Robben, Müller & Lahm + neutralizing Rodriguez in the 1st half which didn't work in the 2nd anymore.

3) Bayern's asymmetrical shape, completely leaving the left side open in attack, very much focused on attacking down the right.



Article by Colin Trainor