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  • August 5, 2015

    The Stats Bomb Previews 2015-16

    By James Yorke
  • sbnew

    It’s been a particularly busy week here on Stats Bomb and it seemed a smart idea to house all the previews in one place, so if you’ve missed any of them dive in.  If you like what you read- or even if you don’t- take them to your club forums and get people talking about the issues raised.

    Very few people are doing club or league previews from such a statistical and analytical viewpoint and you’ve come to the right place for fresh ideas and smart analysis.

    Arsenal by Ted Knutson  (@mixedknuts) Also includes his Brentford job Q & A

    Liverpool by Will Gurpinar-Morgan  (@WillTGM)

    Ligue 1 by Dustin Ward  (@SaturdayonCouch)

    The Championship (Part One) by Ben Torvaney  (@stats_snakeoil)

    The Championship (Part Two) by Ben Torvaney (@stats_snakeoil)

    Man Utd by James Yorke  (@jair1970)

    Tottenham by James Yorke  (@jair1970)

    Everton by Paul Riley (@footballfactman)

    Swansea by Bobby Gardiner (@Bobby Gardiner )

    Man City by Benjamin Pugsley (@Benjamin Pugsley)

    Chelsea by James Yorke (@jair1970)



    The summer may have allowed a break in parts of the football world but here on Stats Bomb we have been creating regular content, so if you missed anything, there’s plenty to chew on right here:

    Dustin Ward:

    Ben Torvaney:

    Bobby Gardiner:

    Max Odenheimer:

    James Yorke:

    Plus a couple of Podcasts:


    More than enough to affect your productivity at work or at home!


    Article by James Yorke