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Nate Silver Day 18: Death By Shootout

By Seth Burn | July 2, 2018 | Main

It was a brutal day for Nate as both Spain and Denmark went down in shootouts. That sets up an intriguing matchup between Russia and Croatia, but we'll get to that later this week.

Nate's bankroll dipped just under $1M, holding at $998,978. A Brazil win would put it back over $1M, but the real swing is Japan-Belgium. Nate has had faith in Japan all tournament. A win would be enormous, but much more likely Nate will end the day down $100K. That's like when you sail the full-Kelly seas.

Bankroll % Team Wager Risked To Win Result
1.00% Brazil Advance 9990 2220 0
10.64% Japan Advance 106324 604981 0


Article by Seth Burn