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StatsBomb Announce Pro Scouting Service

By Ted Knutson | January 15, 2020 | Main

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that over the holidays I quietly mentioned we launched our new Professional Scouting Service at the end of 2019. Today I am going to spend some time explaining what exactly this service is and why the football industry should care.

So What is StatsBomb Pro Scouting?

StatsBomb Pro Scouting is a subscription-based service that offers customers an opportunity to access our professional services in a broader, more comprehensive way than ever before. Throughout the course of a year, we will deliver objective evaluations on more than 200 players complete with data analysis, at least two independent scouting reports per player, injury history and more. We also analyse the player's current ability and their potential ability to help customers gauge the level players can play at, both now and in the future.

The goal here is to offer objective insight at a level few teams in the world of football currently match. We have a ton of experience in this space, and a track record of success customers can now leverage for their own needs.

Yes, StatsBomb are a data and analytics company, but we cut our teeth working directly for football clubs. We understand how to combine data analysis and traditional scouting to unearth hidden gems better than anyone, and have experience doing it from the League Two level in England all the way up to perennial Champions League contenders. Now we are delivering this information to our customers over 200 times a year.

Plus, as we’ve quietly been saying all along, scouting reports are data, so it fits perfectly within our mission to be the best sports data company in the world.

This isn't black box nonsense like the SmartSport SuperUberPotential IndexMatrix.* This is real world analysis done by long-time professionals who can answer your questions as to how and why we reached the conclusions we did.

Our scouting reports will deliver

  1. Jargon free, meaningful scout interpretations.
  2. Analysis of attacking skills, defensive skills, transitions, set pieces.
  3. Targeted summaries and player projections.
  4. Consistent coverage-every player has two scout reports from a minimum of four matches reviewed.

* Names changed to protect the guilty.

Our Track Record

Compare that to the business Brighton did earlier in the summer for German deadball specialist Pascal Gross at €4m” --August 2017

Tammy Abraham

We had Abraham as probably the best loan striker available to a Championship club. He could be very special.--August 2016

He has pace, strength, and surprising technical ability for a player his size. He’ll be in the Premier League next season and will not look at all out of place.” -- January 2017

The StatsBomb 100
In October 2017, we started on an unusual product for a customer - find 100 "under the radar" players in Europe that would be good enough to transfer to the Premier League in the next 12-18 months. There were a ton of future stars on that list, including Rodri (when he had a €12M release clause), Fabian Ruiz at Real Betis, Nicola Barella, Lucas Torreira, Thilo Kehrer, Mikel Oyarzabal, Federico Chiesa, and Benjamin Pavard the week before he was called up to the French National team.

The average valuation of players on the list in Autumn 2017 was €5.5 million.

Fast forward two years later and the average valuation of those players is now €16 million.

Someone like Marcus Thuram is now worth potentially fifty times the €600,000 he was listed at when we flagged him as a future top talent.

StatsBomb Pro Scouting is an expanded version of that project, with a remit to find and evaluate new talent from all over the world at a variety of different league levels.


We provided our clients with football’s future elite--now we can do that for you.

So our primary remit is to find future stars and objectively evaluate them, but we have a second mission with these evaluations that has run through StatsBomb’s DNA right from the start: cut through the hype. In addition to searching for the best unknown players in the world, we will also dig deeper into the ones with the most noise around them and see if their performance matches the marketing. Helping customers avoid expensive mistakes remains one of the most valuable services we can provide, both with our tools and with our analysis.


Who Should Subscribe to Pro Scouting?
This service is targeted at professional teams and agents around the world, from English Championship level through to the biggest teams in the Champions League. Front offices are complicated by politics, agendas, agent ties and more... We are free of those burdens, which allows us to focus on facts.

For clubs already using data and analytics, this service provides an independent source of information on the scouting front. We are not trying to replace your scouting department, we're simply trying to give our customers the best set of information possible to make decisions on their biggest cost centre: players. We strongly believe the football world needs more objective scouting information at its fingertips and that is exactly what this service will do. 

Our analysis is powered by the best data in world football, and one that in 2020 will cover over sixty competitions.

More data = more players to evaluate = more possibilities to find hidden gems.

Historically speaking, finding hidden player gems is exactly what we do.

If you work in professional football and want to hear more about this - including a free sample report - send an email to

--Ted Knutson
CEO, Co-Founder

Article by Ted Knutson