Man United vs Everton Player Positional Tracker

By Antonio | October 5, 2014

Man United vs Everton Player Positional Tracker

Man United 2 vs 1 Everton Some brief comments and analysis from Sam Gregory appear below the PPT (click on the image to open in a larger window). MUFCvEVE

First Half

  • The Rafael-Baines battle down the wing was an interesting one, with both fullbacks essentially playing as wingers or at the very least attacking wingbacks.

  • Di Maria was taking up some very advanced positions in the first half, being the furthest United player forward on several occasions. Especially during the ten minute period starting in the 25th minute, which included Di Maria’s goal.

  • Besic, Naismith and Barry were fairly ineffective as a midfield trio during the first half seeing very little of the ball and playing with a lot of distance between them.

Second Half

  • Oviedo’s introduction on the left hand side for Everton helped to pin Rafael back in his own half while allowing Baines more space to make forward runs.

  • Leon Osman had quite a big attacking presence for Everton in his short time on the pitch. He picked up quite a few attacking positions and his influence was noticeably quite large for his entire time on the pitch.

  • The front three for United of Mata, Van Persie, Falcao and later Wilson were quite innocuous in the second half. Dropping deeper and deeper to try and get involved without really seeing a lot of the ball.


  • Everton were much better in the second half after Oviedo and Osman came on in the second half. Until that point they had been unable to really create a lot against United, but after the substitutions were unlucky not to get a point from the game.

  • United clearly missed Herrera in midfield as they weren’t able to create as many attacks from midfield as they have in previous weeks. That being said Di Maria stepped up and created just enough to get United over the line with the three points.