StatsBomb Customer Case Study: SV Wehen Wiesbaden

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StatsBomb Customer Case Study: SV Wehen Wiesbaden

As the end of the 2022/2023 campaign approaches for 3.Liga teams, SV Wehen Wiesbaden are poised for promotion. The first two teams in the league will be promoted automatically, while the third placed team will have to win their promotion to the 2.Bundesliga in the subsequent play-offs. SVWW are leading the league in key attacking and set-piece metrics, and they are currently sitting third in the table. Everything is looking promising for them to get promoted either outright or through the play-off matches. 

In 2021, SV Wehen Wiesbaden began to use StatsBomb’s contextual event data and analysis tools across core team departments, such as performance analysis and scouting. These areas are crucial to get right for any club, and no one knows this better than Philipp Gründler, Head of Scouting & Analysis at SVWW.

Philipp leads the development of these areas as well as implementing a data-based approach across player development and future recruitment. We recently spoke to him about how he uses StatsBomb’s solutions to analyse the performance of the current squad and assess how scouted prospects could fit into the club’s future plans. 

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StatsBomb (SB): Before using StatsBomb Data and analytics, what did your analysis workflow look like, within this, what were the biggest challenges you faced?

Philipp Gründler (PG): Many emotions characterise football. Therefore, we needed an objective component in evaluating our team and player performance. We were also unable to analyse opposing players with meaningful data. The team was looking to improve, especially around using data to support scouting future players, and that is why we signed up with StatsBomb. 

(SB): Since signing up with StatsBomb, what are the most significant changes you have seen, and what role has StatsBomb played in these changes?

(PG): Through the partnership with StatsBomb, we improved and professionalised our scouting structures. In addition to our live and video scouting activities, we have also made significant progress in developing our data-scouting capabilities.


(SB): What is your most significant success since joining as a StatsBomb customer?

(PG): We have developed KPIs for our offensive and defensive play, which we now consider fundamental to our playing philosophy. Based on the KPIs, we can evaluate our performance after each game day and conclude what we are doing well and where to improve. 

Furthermore, we have created KPIs for each position aligned with our playing philosophy. This process gives us an even more accurate, data-based assessment of our players. Likewise, we can use the StatsBomb data to see more precisely how potential future Wehen Wiesbaden players might fit into our playing philosophy. 


 (SB): What internal/external decisions have been influenced by using our data and products?

 (PG): We are starting to use StatsBomb data to support and reinforce our decision-making around performance analysis, future recruitment and prospect scouting.

Philipp and his team are forging a new identity for SV Wehen Wiesbaden that embraces advanced data and analytics. 

In the last two seasons, his department has used StatsBomb Data to improve each individual position on the pitch, as well as the team’s overall performance. The department has shown how to effectively integrate performance data into player recruitment, a strategy which has led to continued success in the league. 

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