StatsBomb Launch Custom Python Tool: "statsbombpy"

By StatsBomb | January 16, 2020 | 1 min read

StatsBomb Launch Custom Python Tool: "statsbombpy"

Since 2013, StatsBomb has published data led research into football. After becoming a data company ourselves in 2017, we have consistently offered the wider public the opportunity to do work in this area by releasing a number of datasets, all of which are currently available from our resource centre sign-up:

  • Men's World Cup 2018
  • Women's World Cup 2019
  • FAWSL 2018-19 and 2019-20
  • Lionel Messi career La Liga 2004-05 to 2018-19
  • NWSL 2018

Aspiring analysts have had the opportunity to use large, often multi season datasets to experiment with and hone their skills in visualisation and analysis. To support this back in 2018 we released the "StatsBombR" package which allowed R users to download and work on the datasets. This package was designed to be used both by our customers and free data users alike. Alongside the Lionel Messi dataset release, we launched a guide in both English and Spanish to enable people to get into the analysis even more readily. Much of data work is done in either R or Python, so it was clear that we needed to serve the other group too.

We are now delighted to announce the release of "statsbombpy", a similar tool for Python. Built by our new data scientist Fran Goitia it will allow both customers and free users alike to quickly access, download and start working with StatsBomb Data. We envisage a series of feature upgrades over time too, as seen with StatsBombR.

Whether you are a customer or aspiring amateur analyst, these resources are there to assist you.

Full installation and usage instructions are available from our github.

By StatsBomb | January 16, 2020