StatsBomb Sign A Major Player Agency

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StatsBomb Sign A Major Player Agency

StatsBomb, the industry-leading provider of advanced sports data and analytics, has entered into an agreement with a football consulting company together with its football agency partners: Raiola Global Management.

As part of the agreement, Raiola Global Management will benefit from the most detailed and reliable data available, with over 3,400 events collected per match. StatsBomb Data includes unique metrics such as pressures at a team and player level, pass footedness and pass height, in addition to freeze frames that provide detailed defender and goalkeeper location information on every shot.

The agreement will also see Raiola Global Management implement StatsBomb's cutting-edge data and analytics platform, StatsBomb IQ, which features thousands of match events across 120+ global competitions. With access to StatsBomb IQ, the company can gain a competitive edge in improving their data procedures, reducing bias, and making well-informed scouting decisions.

Mark Nervegna, Head of Strategy & Analytics at Raiola Global Management said: 

Data is becoming an integral part of our operation – StatsBomb Data significantly enhances our partners’ scouting process by eliminating bias and allowing quantifiable insights. Integrating data into their recruitment process and aligning it with our in- person scouts' expertise allows us to identify top talents more effectively and less subjectively. Whether through benchmarking, cluster analysis, indexing, or growth prediction, StatsBomb Data has become integral to our model building and recruitment.

Soroosh Abdi, Former Partner & Senior Vice President at Paradigm Sports, underscored the significance of data when advocating for player’s interests: 

With Statsbomb, I have access to an incredible resource when it comes to delivering RESULTS for my players. The data that I'm able to access from the Statsbomb platform enables me to add context to my client’s performances and, when advocating, remove speculation from my conversation with Clubs with regards to player valuation. The tools and data provided by Statsbomb allows me to develop a data-centric position and to confidently advocate for my players when negotiating with Clubs. I look forward to my continued relationship with the Data Champions, Statsbomb.

We also had the opportunity to speak to Matthew Kleinman, Co-Owner at New Vision Football: 

As an agency, New Vision Football works off of three key pillars: 1. World class player care, 2. Thinking like a club and 3. Working off of an evidence based culture. One feature that is intertwined throughout these pillars is data. With Statsbomb we feel like we have found the perfect partner in aligning with our key offerings. The data that we are able to extrapolate from the Statsbomb platform enables us to track our current client’s performances, identify areas for improvement, highlight elements of their games in which they are particularly strong and strategically plan for which clubs might be stylistically suited to them as we look to help them advance in their careers and maximise their potential.

To read our full interview with Mark Nevegna, Head of Strategy & Analytics, and Stephen Gallagher, Lead Data Scientist at Raiola Global Management click here.

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