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No Kane, No Gain? How valuable are Kane and Eriksen?

Mauricio Pochettino has had a tricky start to his Tottenham tenure but in his attack, two players have come to the fore: Christian Eriksen and Harry Kane.  Both are now seen as pivotal to Tottenham’s attacking schemes but their routes to becoming regular starters at Tottenham have been very different and each has overcome apparent […]


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Premier League Round Up: Tim Sherwood Should Manage Manchester United

Stoke: invisible but effective It’s mid-January and  i’ve finally written about every team in the league.  Last and not least but maybe least interesting is Stoke.  That they lie tenth is fine, the Pulis years were expensive and were spent consolidating the club as a mid to lower ranked Premier League team.  Last season’s 9th […]

Premier League Round Up, 12th January

Queen’s Park Basketball As you diligently copy in the week’s numbers for further analysis, it’s sometimes impossible to avoid noticing trends and one thing that repeatedly stands out is how often QPR games seen to turn into basketball style shoot outs.  They’ve often contributed to this offensively but primarily they are conceding more shots (and […]

Who’s Good and Who’s Bad in the Premier League (by ExpG)?

That big chart you can see in your peripheral vision, that ugly monster of a chart… I promise, I PROMISE YOU that if you give it a chance, you won’t regret it… For those still reading, it’s a chart of how all the Premier League teams rank against each other in both defence and attack. […]

Borussia Dortmund – What’s gone wrong?

A few months ago I read a quote that struck a chord with me. In the prologue to his book “The Drunkard’s Walk” Leonard Mlodinow wrote: The human mind is built to identify for each event a definite cause and can have a hard time accepting the influence of unrelated or random factors It is […]

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