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Controlling the Midfield (and why James Milner might not be the answer for Liverpool)

Each sport has it’s truisms about where the core of winning teams come from. In baseball it’s “up the middle”, the notion that if you get your defensive players in the middle of the field right, it’s easier to fill the rest. In football, games are won and lost “in the trenches” where the unappreciated […]


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Podcast, July ’15: Transfers And Needs

It’s another Podcast! Enlivening your commute once more, and attempting to fill the horrific summer gap. It’s transfer season and the EPL is awash with TV cash. Is it being well spent? Are teams addressing their needs? Questions that need answers, right? And we attempt to shoehorn a few stats in along the way… If […]

Footedness And Why Erik Lamela Is Worth £30m

Why Erik Lamela is worth £30m When young players break through and score a ton of goals it’s easy to take a look at their goal to shot rates and be cynical. In fact, unless you are Ronaldo, it’s likely that any season of high goal volume will be accompanied by a tasty conversion rate. […]

Why Did Yohan Cabaye End Up At Crystal Palace?

Would you like Yohan Cabaye on your team? This must have been a question that floated around a few boardrooms in early summer and it seems that fewer decision makers put a tick in the “Yes” box than you might have thought.  The Premier League is awash with cash these days and a player that […]

Converting Dangerous Passing into Shots

When watching the Milan-Torino film for my last piece, the idea came to me to look deeper into dangerous area passes. Torino had put the ball into dangerous spots a lot in the first half but a check of the shot map made their half look harmless when it had actually been anything but. That led […]

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