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Bayern v Bayer: Act One in the Bundesliga

First, more on Maurizio Sarri, whose quotes I highlighted last week. He studied statistics at university and collects data on every team he coaches. He is one of us stat-guys according to a friendly translation of this Sky article. His key stats: how high his defensive line is, how often his defenders pass the ball to playmakers, […]


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Leave Off Kane! + Contrasting Arsenal, Liverpool And Newcastle

As ever, the inopportune arrival of the first international week and its dreary procession of less than enthralling matches allows a time for pause and reflection.  Front ended by a possibly chaotic final few hours of the transfer window, we are faced with varying degrees of desperation and contentment as the many hundreds of signings […]

Saturdays on the Couch, Week 2: Sluggish Wolfsburg

    First off, I’d like to recognize Napoli manager Maurizio Sarri for this quote: Sarri was asked whether Napoli would bring in more reinforcements, but gave a rather damning response. “I couldn’t care less. I have to focus on the players I have and making sure they don’t make the same mistakes again. “The […]

Porous Chelsea And Other Premier League Stat Stories: Week Three

  We reach week three in the EPL BPL top flight and once more I will add a necessary rider to the week’s column insofar as ideas posited are firmly in the realm of suggestions and observations based on a very small sample of games rather than firm conclusions derived from sufficient inputs.  Scything through […]

Saturdays on the Couch, Week 1: Dortmund shine

The possibly catchy title gives away my intentions that I am hoping to join James Yorke in providing a regular column talking about key games, emerging teams/players, and interesting stats across Europe. I can’t guarantee something every week, but let’s see how it goes for now. As more stats pile up, there will be stories that involve […]

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