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Southampton Were Never Bad

Once more as we enjoy the plot and intrigue surrounding the league boiling up to a deliciously non-tepid level, the all important momentum is halted by the intervention of a wholly undesired and largely trivial wander into the international arena.  That said, the time off gives plenty of time for recruitment and sadly i’m going […]


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Madrid, Messi and Moyes: An Early Season Report On La Liga

We are six games into the season in Spain. Villarreal lead, Messi’s out for two months, there’s a logjam at the top, Sevilla just climbed off the bottom, and we finally have a day off without a league game. I think it’s time to take a quick look at some of the early stats and stories. […]

Reconstruction of Olympique Lyonnais

No one, and I repeat, no one could have expected what came from Olympique Lyonnais last season. Lyon were still at a point financially where they had to solely rely on their famous youth academy to get them by as their new stadium was still being constructed. It’s been that way for the last few […]

The Bad Times Will Pass: Brendan Rodgers, Confidence And Misfiring Forwards

It was one of those weekends. Goals everywhere, shots aplenty and in some regard reversion to the old order. In itself, Saturday was a match day like few before it.  We’ve seen plenty of goals before but rarely, if ever, have we seen so many shots land on target.  The season average across the league […]

Caen You Believe It

It seems like ages ago, but at the midway point of last season, Caen were a team that looked under real threat of relegation. It wasn’t a huge surprise, as Caen have had a pretty volatile history in terms of being able to stay up in Ligue 1. In their last 15 completed seasons, they’ve […]

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