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Premier League 2014-15 Stat Round-Up: Goalscorers, Disappearing Shots And More

And so we reach the end of another season of “The Premier League”, the wildly popular and occasionally thrilling sporting serial transmitted to viewers around the world.  The scriptwriters had a high benchmark to match after the goal-laden thrills of season 2013-14 and in truth they came up a little short.  Familiar villain “JR” Mourinho […]


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Sell De Gea, Hull On Earth, Small Margins And Other Premier League Stat Stories

And so the Premier League meanders dreamily off into the off season with a series of entertaining friendly matches, fond and not-so-fond farewells and recollections of thrilling climaxes sadly not equaled this time round.   Gerrard’s stuttering and misfiring long farewell felt like an apt reflection of a season that whilst ever intriguing, never quite hit […]

Errors, Medhi Benatia And The Troubled Life Of The Centre Back

It is often said that the life of a goalkeeper is unfair.  Repeated brilliance and octopus-like saving talent can be forgotten in an instant if a moment of ineptitude or bad luck costs his team the game.  This is nothing new.  Throughout the history of football, the goalkeeper has only rarely been the hero and […]

Holes in Tottenham, Bloody Hull And Don’t Fear the Numbers

Holes in Tottenham It was quite predictable that Stoke, a team with a reputation for tough play, should be able to roll over a typically soft-centered Tottenham side and so they did.  Usually, I might just point out a few issues surrounding the dismal performance and proffer a positive solution but this week happens to […]

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