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Who Is Getting Relegated From The Premier League?

Relegation battles have destroyed many a prediction over the years.  I condemned Sunderland at a similar point last season only for them to pull off a series of unlikely results to ensure survival and Wigan’s repeated travails under Martinez prior to their eventual demise will have tested the most hardy cynic.  It’s tough to know […]


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Tim Sherwood: The Secrets Of Success And This Week’s Other EPL Stat Stories

I had been champing at the bit to write about Tim Sherwood but after this last weekend, it feels a little more like a necessary procedure akin to having root canal treatment. Damn it though I’m an analyst, to some at least, and come hell or high water one must continue. Sherwood, despite widespread unpopularity […]

Top 6 Teams in the Premier League (by xG)

As was the case last time, these are offensive and defensive efficiency rankings for the Premier League teams. I’m defining offensive efficiency as xG created, divided by number of games played. So for example, if Man United created 10 xG in 5 games, its offensive efficiency would be 2.0 xG per game. Defensive efficiency is […]

What Is Wrong With Daniel Sturridge?

I buy the Times on occasion (not for political reasons, or an endorsement of Rupert Murdoch’s empire: I like some of the puzzles) and this Thursday there was an interesting small analysis piece on Daniel Sturridge written by Rory Smith.  What drew my attention was the general intention of the article to depict Sturridge as […]

The Story Of Nil, Shot Dominance And A Premier League Weekend Review

When you attempt to write a statistical and analytics-based Premier League round-up column every week of the season, it can be somewhat dispiriting to see parts of the league meander towards an almost inevitable status quo.  Nothing wrong with that per se, but finding interesting hooks to write about can become a tricky task.  As […]

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