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Leave Off Kane! + Contrasting Arsenal, Liverpool And Newcastle

As ever, the inopportune arrival of the first international week and its dreary procession of less than enthralling matches allows a time for pause and reflection.  Front ended by a possibly chaotic final few hours of the transfer window, we are faced with varying degrees of desperation and contentment as the many hundreds of signings […]


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Saturdays on the Couch, Week 2: Sluggish Wolfsburg

    First off, I’d like to recognize Napoli manager Maurizio Sarri for this quote: Sarri was asked whether Napoli would bring in more reinforcements, but gave a rather damning response. “I couldn’t care less. I have to focus on the players I have and making sure they don’t make the same mistakes again. “The […]

Porous Chelsea And Other Premier League Stat Stories: Week Three

  We reach week three in the EPL BPL top flight and once more I will add a necessary rider to the week’s column insofar as ideas posited are firmly in the realm of suggestions and observations based on a very small sample of games rather than firm conclusions derived from sufficient inputs.  Scything through […]

Saturdays on the Couch, Week 1: Dortmund shine

The possibly catchy title gives away my intentions that I am hoping to join James Yorke in providing a regular column talking about key games, emerging teams/players, and interesting stats across Europe. I can’t guarantee something every week, but let’s see how it goes for now. As more stats pile up, there will be stories that involve […]

Early Skews, Man City Impress And Other Stat Stories: EPL Week 2

  Early skews We’ve hit the crucial juncture of two (!) games now and already firm story lines are appearing around the media. Simple hooks are readily available to explain any positive or negative deviation, depending on which direction a team appears to be turning.  Take Southampton; last season they conceded four or more shots […]

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