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Goalkeepers: How repeatable are shot saving performances?

Assessing the skills of goalkeepers is exceptionally difficult, and it’s why I have never attempted to do it. As well as the basic and fundamental skill of shot stopping, the best goalkeepers will be able to effectively assess situations and decide whether to advance or stay on their line. How they deal with a high […]


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Does van Persie still merit a starting place for MUFC?

  A chart created by Christoffer Johansen made its way into my Twitter timeline last week. This chart was fairly stark in that showed a steady and perceptible decline in the output of Man United’s Robin van Persie over the last 4 or 5 seasons. Christoffer’s chart was as follows: That chart doesn’t need much […]

3’781 ways to score a goal

Is every goal unique? The instinct says yes, but one needs only to remember Steven Gerrard to realise that it is possible to make a fine career out of scoring the same three goals over and over. The truth sits somewhere in the boring middle, but it’s undeniable that many goals share similarities, including how […]

Premier League after 7 games. How have teams pressed?

  Only seven games have been played so far in the 2014/15 Premier League season, but I thought I would take the opportunity that the current International break provides me to publish my pressing figures for the league. Those readers familiar with my work will know that I use the PPDA metric to evaluate the […]

How low can you go: Assorted thoughts about crosses

Click any graphic to enlarge There is a pass that David Silva and Mesut Ozil, Premier League’s outstanding playmakers, are very fond of. Standing just inside the opposition penalty area close to a corner, with options inside and outside the box, they slip the ball instead to the overlapping fullback who crosses it in. Why […]

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