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Arsenal, Score Effects And A Season Of Two Halves

Arsenal have been one of the more intriguing teams in the Premier League this season. Sequences of results appear at odds with their underlying numbers, which for the most part have appeared impressive, and we enter March with them in a familiar position- not good enough to make a title challenge but heading the chasing […]


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Premier League Round Up: Pulis, Pardew and Southampton’s frustrations

Over the Christmas period the boards of Crystal Palace and West Brom decided, probably wisely, that they needed a change at the top. Alan Pardew flew home from his North East exile and Tony Pulis got the call he’d been waiting for since August. On January 1st, Palace stood 18th and West Brom 17th. Both […]

Are Mourinho’s Chelsea brilliant or riding a huge wave?

Every year some teams seem to click.  They embark on long undefeated runs and record impressive victories.  The media get excited and players win awards.  They might even win titles.  On some occasions this is an accurate reflection of a team’s quality, but on others it’s a comparatively brief flirtation with the desirable end of […]

Gifolution: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Best Years

During the World Cup, I made a bunch of Gifolutions of how different players’ statistical radars have evolved over time. Two that I never got around to were Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. This is odd because as any hit-whoring writer knows, those two guys will get you the most hits, period, but life moves […]

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