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About us

StatsBomb is a UK-based company with a global team of dedicated and experienced professionals based in Europe, Egypt and the US. We are leaders in the football analytics field and genuinely love what we do

Ted Knutson
Charlotte Randall
Thom Lawrence
Shergul Arshad
Simon Banoub
Nathaniel James
Senior Software Engineer
Graham MacGregor
Senior Software Engineer
James Yorke
Head of Analysis
Euan Dewar
Senior Analyst
Pablo Peña Rodríguez
Head of Tactical Innovation and Business Development
Chris Watkins
Senior Systems Engineer
Kat Agg
Lead Creative/Designer
Corinne Durnford
Product Owner
Fran Goitia
Data Scientist
Iñaki Rabanillo
Computer Vision Engineer
Josh Mills
DevOps Engineer
Scott Johnson
Quantitative Football Analyst
Nick Dorrington
International Marketing Coordinator
Ismail Tari
Business Development Lead
Alexandre Taylor
Sales Executive
Flavio Fusi
Sales Executive
William Cardoso
Software Engineer
Vicki Cullen
Head of People Operations
Dinesh Vatvani
Head of Data Science
Will Morgan
Senior Data Scientist
Will Thomson
Data Scientist
Carlon Carpenter
Tactical And Video Analyst
Nil Mehta
Head of Customer Success
James Mills
Customer Success Analyst
Ollie Walker
Marketing & Content Analyst
Nathaniel Brain
Graphic Designer
Andy Thomas
Assistant Accountant
James Orbell
Junior UI/UX Designer
John Stevenson
Software Engineer
Mohamed Bahey Eldin
Data Analyst
May Sami
Product Manager
Yehia Abobakr
Operations Shift Manager
Adham Ehab
DevOps Engineer
Saad Shahd
Senior Software Engineer
arqam logo

StatsBomb acquired ArqamFC, our highly experienced data collection team based in Cairo, in 2019. Arqam bring technology, dedication and are committed to a shared vision with StatsBomb for the best football data.

The Arqam team is 100 strong including software engineers, data collectors, quality control engineers and digital media and content providers - led by the fantastic leadership team:

Head of Data Product
Head of Data Operations
Head of Digital Content
Ali Shash
Product Manager