StatsBomb Conference 2022 Research Papers

By StatsBomb | September 14, 2022 | 1 min read

StatsBomb Conference 2022 Research Papers

It’s a privilege to once again host the Research Track stage at the StatsBomb Conference, with the winners of our research paper competition presenting their work to an audience of industry experts and professionals. We’re delighted to be able to release the research papers from the successful participants today, ahead of the event next Tuesday, 20th September.

We had dozens of submissions, and the proposals were to a very high standard once again. But, we could only select a handful to conduct their research and present their findings at the event: the presentations you’ll watch and the papers you’ll read below were from the submissions we found to be the most compelling, practical, and applicable. All research has been performed on a dataset of StatsBomb event and 360 data from a select subset of leagues of the researcher’s choosing.

All of the talks from the research competition winners will be made available to watch on YouTube after the event.

You can access the research papers by following the links below, or if you want to attend the Conference in person, you can purchase tickets by clicking here.

Alessandro Cecchin - A New Performance Metric For Player Evaluation Based On Causality

Gregory Everett, et al – Contextual xT using Spatial Event Data

Tahmeed Tureen and Sigrid Olthof – “Estimated Player Impact” (EPI) Quantifying The Effects Of Individual Players On Football Actions Using Hierarchical Statistical Models

Michael Pulis and Josef Bajada – Reinforcement Learning For Football Player Decision Making Analysis

Ricardo Furbino And Hugo Rios-Neto - Generalized Action-based Ball Recovery Model using 360° data

Pieter Robberechts, et al - un-xPass Measuring Soccer Player’s Creativity


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By StatsBomb | September 14, 2022