Game-changing Tactical Event Data

StatsBomb data users already have an edge. 360 takes that one step further

The most advanced data in the industry

StatsBomb 360 is Tactical Event Data that adds teammate and opposition locations to the 3,400+ events we collect per match.

By adding this context to each event as well as 50+ exclusive new metrics, StatsBomb 360 makes even more advanced performance and recruitment analysis possible.

Competitor event data

With competitor’s event data, you’re missing a lot of the picture

StatsBomb event data

The industry-leading detail, data models and accuracy of StatsBomb's event data add critical context

StatsBomb 360

Tactical Event Data places each event we collect into the context of what’s happening across the pitch

Take your analysis to the next level

Line-breaking passes

Prized for evaluating players who have the ability to progress the ball in between defenders. StatsBomb 360’s new Line-breaking passes metrics have been robustly defined to provide reliable, granular and authentic data for analysts.

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Ball receipts in space

Identify players that are adept at finding space in dangerous areas. We have created a wide range of 360 metrics that record the distance of the nearest defender, where they are on the pitch and whether it’s from line-breaking passes for every ball receipt.

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Distance to defenders in frame

Adds a further layer of context to our pressure data, allowing us to see which players can maintain possession under pressure from multiple opponents

Set-Piece Insights

Aggregating 360 data for set pieces provides a more holistic overview of how teams like to set up to attack or defend. This information helps to identify trends in your set-piece analysis, saving you time.

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50+ metrics available in IQ

There are 50+ StatsBomb 360 metrics that can be accessed and analysed directly on the IQ platform. These are available in a range of player, team and scouting tools across the platform, including our custom radars where - alongside other metrics - analysts can get an overall feel for a player’s level and style.

Soccer IQ

Supported by world-class service

With the help of our Customer Success team, 360 data can be used to create even deeper types of analysis. They’ve created a Code Library available on Assist - our self-service support tool - that includes a range of examples that can help analysts extract the maximum value from StatsBomb 360.

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Answer the questions you've always wanted to ask

How StatsBomb 360 Data can help with Recruitment, Performance Analysis and Opposition Analysis

Does my transfer target play line-breaking passes?

Do they receive the ball in space frequently?

Do they make good decisions around pass selection?

Where is your defensive shape weak?

Which passing lanes are being left open?

What type of passes disrupt the team shape?

Can I do a frame by frame analysis of defensive structure?

Can I identify gaps in the opposition block?

Where do players position themselves in the build-up?

360 Freeze Frame Viewer

Available as part of Soccer IQ, our 360 Freeze Frame Viewer allows you to narrow the list of events based on the type of action, location on the pitch, team ID or player ID, play scenario, pass type and game state

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