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Gemini Sports Analytics Named as Launch Partner of StatsBomb Partnership Programme and Headline Sponsor of the 2023 StatsBomb Conference

By StatsBomb | July 24, 2023 | 3 min read
StatsBomb Conference

Gemini Sports Analytics Named as Launch Partner of StatsBomb Partnership Programme and Headline Sponsor of the 2023 StatsBomb Conference

As a founding member of the StatsBomb Partner Programme, Gemini Sports Analytics will join an accredited network of individuals, consultants and organizations that use StatsBomb data to provide services for elite sporting teams across the world.

Attendees of the 2023 StatsBomb Conference, taking place at Wembley Stadium on 10th October, will be able to see for themselves how teams across soccer and American Football can benefit from this partnership. They will also have the chance to hear from expert speakers and find out about the latest cutting-edge research in the sports analytics industry.

Speaking about this partnership, Ted Knutson, CEO StatsBomb commented:

“We are pleased to welcome Gemini Sports Analytics as Headline Sponsors of the 2023 StatsBomb Conference. We are also excited to launch our StatsBomb Partner Programme, something that we believe will have a hugely positive impact on the industry as a whole.

It’s always been our mission to help teams of all sizes become smarter with the use of data and both the Conference and the Partner Programme are key components of this. We are delighted that Gemini have come on board to support us with helping mutual customers reach the next step of their sports analytics journey”

Jake Schuster, Founder and CEO of Gemini Sports Analytics describes the partnership as,

“Another exciting step towards aligning and making easily available the most important datasets that sporting organizations harness to make key decisions.

StatsBomb is a giant, and we’re so excited to facilitate user-friendly and powerful predictive analytics for their customers. Now, recruitment staff, data scientists, analysts and executives can quickly find players to fit their team’s unique playing style, project how they will perform in their league compared to where they were purchased from, and forecast future sale value”.

Benefits of this new partnership for mutual customers include:

  • The ability to run dozens of machine learning models on StatsBomb data in minutes using Gemini’s AI Cloud to provide deeper insights and projections.
  • Clean, organized data: Clubs save hours of time via Gemini eliminating the need to engineer, architect and maintain StatsBomb data for machine learning readiness.
  • Supporting a data driven recruitment workflow. StatsBomb’s industry-leading global coverage of football leagues combined with Gemini’s AI platform allows clubs to easily find traits specific to their game style and quickly analyze thousands of players to identify a shortlist that aligns with their recruiting criteria.

About The StatsBomb Partner Programme
The StatsBomb Partner Programme brings together a network of individuals and companies to provide added value services to professional soccer teams. The programme will give StatsBomb customers easy access to trusted support for key components of the sports ecosystem.

To find out more about StatsBomb, contact Will Humphrey, Senior Marketing & Partnerships Executive on or visit

About Gemini Sports Analytics
Gemini Sports Analytics brings your data to life with its Sports-specific AI-Cloud application. In the cut-throat rapidly changing sports world, Gemini exists to help you organize your data, provides easy to use predictive analytical tools and unlocks the insights you need to help you make your most important decisions faster and with a higher degree of conviction.

To find out more about Gemini Sports Analytics or to book a product demonstration contact Mat Young, Head of Business Development at

About The StatsBomb Conference
The 4th StatsBomb Conference will be held at Wembley Stadium on Tuesday 10th October. Bringing together around 500 senior sports analysts and executives from all over the world, the event will feature two separate content stages, one of which will be dedicated to new and emerging research.

To find out more about the StatsBomb Conference or to buy tickets, visit

By StatsBomb | July 24, 2023