StatsBomb 360 and Evolve

By StatsBomb | February 3, 2022 | 1 min read

StatsBomb 360 and Evolve

It’s been just under three years since StatsBomb changed the football industry with the launch of StatsBomb Data. This March, we’re going to do it again.

In May 2018, we revealed our dataset that delivered almost twice the information per game as the leading competitors. It introduced things like pressures, goalkeeper positions, and shot freeze frames into a data industry that had gone stale from a lack of innovation.

The outcome of this was a massive upgrade to the world’s best expected goals model. Which we then accelerated by introducing shot impact height a year later.

But it wasn’t only that… there was also new information about who was defending and where they were defending that delivered an edge both in recruitment and opposition analysis. And we were able to create a data-based framework to evaluate goalkeepers in a way that simply wasn’t possible before.

Since the launch, our customers have been maintaining an edge over the competition with the help of our data. They know that we deliver great insight, outstanding customer service, and a set of tools unlike anyone else in the industry.

That’s why they were hugely excited to hear about the development of our latest product when it was revealed to them two weeks ago. Now we can announce it to everyone.

Introducing StatsBomb 360:

StatsBomb 360 is contextual event data. What that means is that we are now collecting a freeze-frame showing all players on camera for every event we collect – approximately 3300 events per match.

360 is also going to allow us to uncover a host of new information about the game that was either difficult to see or completely hidden in basic event data. We will now be able to deliver things like:

  • Line-breaking passes
  • Ball receipts in space
  • Distance to all defenders in the frame
  • Passing lanes
  • Defensive Island Events (DIEs) – a new event looking at when teams leave/create 1v1s with defenders by themselves, far from defensive help
  • Defensive shape around every event

All delivered straight into the event API.

And honestly, that’s barely scratching the surface for what will be possible with StatsBomb 360.

By StatsBomb | February 3, 2022