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Where are all the players on the pitch?
Who is applying pressure from the opposing team?
How do players react when playing under pressure?
What was the Goal Keeper doing?

These are real questions asked by Football clubs and present real challenges to Analysts and Coaches who want to incorporate data at their club. StatsBomb aim to answer these questions - ours is the only event data in the industry that accurately provides player locations for shots and measures pressure events on the pitch.

Freeze Frame Stats

StatsBomb Freeze Frame

The only data that accurately shows you the location of all players on the pitch, including the Goal Keeper in any shot.

Pressure on the pitch

StatsBomb data is the only event data in the world to accurately measure Pressure applied on the pitch.

We spend twice as long collecting match data as the current best event data on the market, due to the level of detail that is collected on pressure events.


Data quality

StatsBomb have used our experience working with football event data, and created our own spec that we believe is superior in quality, accuracy and usefulness inside football clubs.

Football stats API

Simple API

StatsBomb data is available via purpose built API’s that enable you to always have the most up to date version of the data.

Full data and API specifications with guidelines, FAQ’s and data collection videos to explain how our Data collectors are trained to collect the subjective data points like pressure.

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StatsBomb have made certain leagues of StatsBomb Data freely available for public use for research projects and genuine interest in football analytics. To find out more about this data, go to our Resource Centre.