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Yannick Euvrard

Senior Performance and Data Analyst, Royal Belgian Football Association:

"We are happy to be working with StatsBomb. It provides us access to specific event data that creates new insights for our national team in preparation for the UEFA Nations League, the World Cup qualifying campaign and the European Championship next summer."

Tomáš Rosický

Sports Director, Sparta Prague:

"Our aim in Sparta is to create a mix between human eye observation and objective data. That is the way we work and how we use the StatsBomb service. We are using data for transfers and performance analysis. StatsBomb is helping us to make good decisions and we look forward to the future with StatsBomb as well."

Paul Graley

Head of Performance Analysis, Everton Football Club

Everton badge
"StatsBomb provide us with extra layers of contextual information that allow us to take our analysis to the next level and give better insights to the players and coaching staff. That has allowed our work to progress an extra 5-10%, which is key for us. We know that what we present has extra layers of context behind it that gives us more confidence in the data."


We are the only data provider that collects pressure at an event level, allowing analysis of how players and teams press as well as how they perform under pressure


A passing completion model that evaluates the ability of players to complete passes of varying difficulty


On-Ball Value: valuing every on-ball action.   Read more here


A model that evaluates player heading ability using a modified Glicko rating system Contact us for more information >>


A data driven goalkeeper evaluation framework, integrated into StatsBomb IQ Click for more information >>

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Our online courses are designed by industry leaders with widespread experience in the game. They include our popular Introduction to Analytics for Football Professionals
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StatsBomb Github

Data specification, competition information, and all the tools you need to get started with StatsBomb Data
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We have developed a package for working with our data in R
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We have also developed a StatsBomb package for Python users
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Data Products

StatsBomb Data

Our unique event data collection spec has over 3,400 events per match of on and off the ball data including pressures, ball carries, possession chains and more. Data generated from a blend of Computer Vision and human driven collection with automated validation checks and a highly experienced quality assurance team, makes it the most accurate event data in the industry

StatsBomb Live Data

StatsBomb live data spec includes our famed Freeze Frame data making our Live xG the most accurate in the industry. Real time data and stats feed delivered via API