StatsBomb Conference

StatsBomb Conference: Diversity Programme

By StatsBomb | July 4, 2023 | 1 min read
StatsBomb Conference

StatsBomb Conference: Diversity Programme

Our annual StatsBomb Conference will take place on Tuesday 10th October, at Wembley Stadium. This event will get the brightest and best minds across sports analytics in the same room to share personal insights, present new ideas and network with their peers.

We believe that the StatsBomb Conference can also be a useful way for newcomers to get a foothold in the industry, and for all attendees to develop their careers further. However, it is expensive to host the event. We don’t run it for a profit, and we believe in paying for the travel and accommodation for all those who are kind enough to donate their time to speak on our main stage.

So, we can’t give the tickets away for free.

We offer them at what we believe is a competitive rate for the experience that we provide on the day. And, to make sure we’re doing our very best to remove barriers to entry for those who typically wouldn’t be able to attend an event of this nature, we also do the following:

Stream some content live on Twitter and YouTube.

During the day we’ll live stream some of the talks. We can’t stream all of them for a couple of reasons; firstly, some of the speakers only talk on the condition that we do not live stream their session, and we respect those wishes.

Secondly, we need to retain some of the value of the content for those in the room - that’s pretty normal for a business conference, and we believe we strike the right balance with what we choose to stream. 

Put even more of the content live after the event.

In the weeks following the event, we’ll put as many of the talks as possible onto our YouTube channel for wider access for those who wish to learn from the experts. 

Provide discounted tickets for students.

We offer a bunch of tickets at a discounted rate for students of all types. Once the students are signed up to attend, they’ll get the full experience at a lower price. 

And we're giving 15 FREE tickets to members of underrepresented groups. 

We understand that the world of sports analytics can sometimes feel closed off to certain groups. You only have to look around some of the major industry events to know that it isn’t the most diverse environment. We believe that the underrepresentation in this industry comes in many forms and that the barriers to entry can be many. 

If you are from a currently underrepresented group, either by virtue of your race, gender, disability, educational or economic circumstances we’d like to offer you the chance to attend the 2023 StatsBomb Conference, free of charge. 

Application Process

To apply for our Diversity Programme, simply fill in the submission form linked below before the closing date of Tuesday 1st August 2023.

Submission: Online application form

We'll be in touch with the selected participants after the closing date, but no later than Monday 10th August.

Details of the StatsBomb conference can be found here: 

By StatsBomb | July 4, 2023