Our Continued Commitment To Women's Football In 2022/23

By StatsBomb | August 31, 2022 | 2 min read

Our Continued Commitment To Women's Football In 2022/23

StatsBomb are proud to announce that we will be continuing our support of the women’s game in 2022/23, offering free access to our StatsBomb IQ analytics platform. This offer is open to all teams in the top women’s leagues in England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, USA and, for the first time, all teams in Sweden’s Damallsvenskan.

Since inception, we have been passionate about supporting the growth of the women’s game. We have collected and released full seasons of data for the Women’s Super League and 2022 European Championship; we’ve partnered with other organisations to facilitate Women In Sports Data Hackathons; and we’ve provided StatsBomb data and analytics to women’s teams free of charge for the last four seasons.

These initiatives are geared toward levelling the playing field in the women’s game. Our objective is to provide professional women's teams and the analytics community access to market-leading data and analytics that could enhance their existing knowledge, and enhance the career opportunities for women to enter the professional game.

How is the initiative progressing? 

Every season we have seen continuous growth in the number of teams adopting StatsBomb analytics into their organisation. And many of them have progressed from there to becoming full, paying customers, choosing to upgrade their free IQ package with increased league coverage or advanced performance data.

We’ve worked with multiple domestic title winners, NWSL Playoff Champions, and several UEFA Champions League semi-finalists, finalists, and winners. We’re encouraged by this, but there’s still a gap to bridge in the women’s game. We actively seek to engage more eligible teams to take advantage of the initiative.

If you work at a team in one of these competitions, please get in touch with us and we will arrange your free access to StatsBomb IQ and an onboarding training session as soon as possible.

  • England: Women’s Super League
  • France: Division 1 Féminine
  • Germany: Frauen-Bundesliga
  • Italy: Serie A Femminile
  • Spain: Primera División Femenina
  • USA: National Women's Soccer League
  • Sweden: Damallsvenskan (New competition added for 2022/2023)

How can StatsBomb IQ help you?

StatsBomb IQ is our analytics platform, designed to make data-driven insights accessible to every user. Teams at all levels of the game use the platform to aid their performance analysis, opposition analysis, and player recruitment, and it contains several unique StatsBomb performance metrics such as Pressures by Team or Player, Pass Footedness and Height, as well our market-leading expected goals (xG) models.


How else are we supporting the women’s game? 

Women’s Euro 2022 Data Release 

We recently released complete StatsBomb data for the 2022 UEFA Women’s EURO tournament. This release was particularly special as, for the first time, we released the StatsBomb 360 data for the tournament alongside it, becoming the first women’s 360 data release after many years of releasing our standard event data.

As well as releasing the data, we have also provided training and educational resources to reduce the learning curve for using football event data. You can access the data and our ‘Using StatsBomb Data In R’ guide in this article.

StatsBomb Conference Diversity Tickets

Our annual football analytics conference is this year taking place at Wembley Stadium, London, on Tuesday 20th September.

We understand that the world of sports analytics can sometimes feel closed off to certain groups – you only have to look around at some major events in the analytics space to know that it isn’t the most diverse environment. So, this year we decided to offer 25 free tickets to our 2022 Conference to those from underrepresented groups. We know this alone won’t fix the problem, but we hope it goes some way to bridging the gap and providing equal opportunities where they may not have previously existed.

Women In Sports Data Hackathon

We also recently collaborated with the Women In Sports Data Hackathon by providing them with StatsBomb 360 data to use for the hack. Participants were tasked with building a product or recommendation for a front office environment or coaching staff using our contextual event data.

The hackathon winner was Caitlan Krasinski, who built a tool to help coaching staff analyse and identify optimal cross locations based on their risk tolerance.

StatsBomb Women's Data Hackathon

Earlier this year, we held our own internal hackathon that aligned with the International Women's Day theme of #BreakTheBias. We invited participants to come up with ways they could turn one of the biggest biases of the women's game on its head: rather than seeing women's football as a version of the men's game, participants explored it as a separate sport.

We were proud to see some of the ideas and research produced as part of this day (some of which you may see at our 2022 Conference…), and we plan to release some of these projects on our social media and website later this year. Keep an eye out for those.

Taking us up on the offer

More and more elite teams in the women’s game are taking advantage of our initiative and choosing to embed StatsBomb IQ into their workflows. The game is trending in a positive direction on and off the field -- we’re proud to play our part in aiding its development. We look forward to seeing what our existing and future women’s customers can achieve this season.

Interested in taking our offer? Get in touch today, and we’ll provide a free trial and induction to the platform as soon as possible.

The StatsBomb Team

By StatsBomb | August 31, 2022