StatsBomb Conference 2022: Call for Research Proposals

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StatsBomb Conference 2022: Call for Research Proposals

The StatsBomb Conference is coming again in 2022, this time held on Tuesday 20th September at Wembley Stadium, London, during the international break. The event is known for hosting some of the most expert names in the football analytics industry, with insights and experiences shared from some of the most forward-thinking sports organisations around the world.

StatsBomb has always had a close connection to the wider analytics community, and it’s important to us that this group is represented at this conference.

For that reason, we’re once again inviting you to send us your research proposals. The best submissions will be offered the chance to write a paper using exclusive StatsBomb data and present it to an audience of industry professionals.

StatsBomb data has multiple features that are primed for investigation, both in the base data and in our 360 data. Our base data still stands out as the most rich and contextual dataset in the industry, containing information such as pass footedness and pass height, shot impact height, pressure events and also attacker, defender and goalkeeper location on all shots.

Player location is something that has been hugely expanded on with the creation of 360 data. 360 is contextual event data that adds a snapshot freeze frame around every single event we record, detailing player positioning at the moment each event occurred. It goes without saying that this allows for deeper analysis of event data than ever before, metrics such as line-breaking passes, ball receipts in space, and defensive shape around each event are now made possible, to name just three.

Available Data

The research competition gives everyone the unique opportunity to work with the most comprehensive and contextual event dataset in football. Participants will be given access to:

  • 480 or 520 games of StatsBomb Data AND StatsBomb 360 Data from the last two seasons of any Big 5 League. It will be all matches from 10 teams in each league pre-selected by StatsBomb - the author can choose which league they wish to focus on.

Submissions based on the publicly available StatsBomb Data (2018 Men’s World Cup, 2019 Women’s World Cup, Messi Data Biography, FAWSL season data 2018-2021, Arsenal 2003-04 Invincibles season, and UEFA Euro 2020) are also welcome.

Proposal Details

The proposal will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Originality: StatsBomb has the richest event data in the world, and 360 data is the first dataset of its kind. We’re looking for innovative approaches to analysing it
  • Application: Can your work be used to help clubs make better decisions or be the basis for future research?
  • Feasibility: Is your proposal a realistic one for the given timeframe?

Both foundational and applied research is welcome. We are dedicated to providing a platform for the most innovative research in football analytics, whether that means theoretical or practical work.

All proposals should include the following information:

  • Paper Title
  • Research Summary (maximum 500 words) - please cover the following questions
  • What football question are you looking to solve/investigate?
  • What analysis and/or modeling technique(s) will you use?
  • What data will you require?
  • What potential problems do you anticipate?
  • What organisation do you work for?
  • What is your experience in football?
  • What is your experience with data analysis/modelling?
  • What experience do you have presenting?
  • Are you able to attend the conference and present in person?

Submission: Online application form

Deadline: 1st July 2022

Only one proposal per person or group. Successful proposals will be required to present at the conference (circa 30 minute presentation) and will be given free admission (Maximum of 1 ticket per accepted proposal).

Proposal Review

The proposals will be judged by a team from the data science and analysis departments at StatsBomb. 

Candidates will be informed at the latest by 4th July whether or not their proposal has been accepted. The deadline for submission of the final papers is 31st August ahead of the event on 20th September.

Selected speakers will receive a presentation template and assistance with preparing your presentation and research paper.

The accepted papers for our 2021 conference can be read

If you have any questions, please email 

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