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StatsBomb Pledge To #GetOnside At The 2023 Conference

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StatsBomb Conference

StatsBomb Pledge To #GetOnside At The 2023 Conference

#GetOnside is an initiative run by the Women in Football network, to encourage organisations and individuals across football to take action and improve the landscape for women and girls in the game.  

As part of this initiative for gender equality, we have pledged 10 complimentary places to Women in Football members at the 2023 StatsBomb Conference. Our pledge can be viewed here alongside pledges by Premier League clubs, governing bodies, media, and all kinds of other organisations.

If you are interested in becoming a Women in Football member, or you want to keep up to date on the latest #GetOnside news, you can apply to join the network. You have up until 31st August to register your interest in a complimentary place for the 2023 StatsBomb Conference. 

At StatsBomb, we are passionate about supporting the growth of the women's game. As part of this year's conference, our COO Charlotte Randall will be hosting a panel titled Changes in Women’s Football with guests including Laura Brambilla, Analyst at AC Milan and Ana de Sousa, Jamaica National Team and Fútbol Ace.

This year, we are also running the StatsBomb Conference: Diversity Programme. If you are from a currently underrepresented group, either by virtue of your race, gender, disability, educational or economic circumstances we’d like to offer you the chance to attend the 2023 StatsBomb Conference, free of charge.

To apply for the Diversity Programme, simply fill in the submission form before the closing date of Tuesday 1st August 2023.

Details of the StatsBomb Conference: Diversity Programme can be found here.

Further details of the 2023 StatsBomb Conference can be found here.

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