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StatsBomb is a site designed to mix good writing about sports with smart analytics, for the benefit of all mankind.

Founded by Ted Knutson and Benjamin Pugsley, the idea was to provide a home to all the wayward analytic writing orphans, and give them three square meals a day and a roof over their heads.

Reading the content on the site should make almost every sports fan smarter, but your mileage may vary. Past success is no guarantee of future glory.



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  • Aston Mack

    Hey, been listening to you guys for awhile. Two questions kind of come to mind if you had the time to answer.

    First: You often mention being able to pull playstyle out of stats. Well it would be really interesting if you did this for some popular managers. We often hear the tactical side of a managers style, but seeing the flux of statistics depending on manager would be very interesting. ex: Klopp’s teams run this average distance (compared to say a manager of the same team a year before) or thew new passing style modeling you are doing to try and define something like “Wenger Ball’= these common stats or “Never Rule out Fergie’s Man United” = these stats.

    Second (Less seriously): Let us be honest here, fantasy football kind of sucks. We can all tell that a lot of good players don’t translate, a lot of mediocre players score high, and some positions are basically irrelevant (sort of). This is due to the events they track to give points. What events would you track, and how would you assign relative value of these events to create a more accurate, interesting fantasy?

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